The Next-Gen NFT Marketplace

Few and Far is a premiere NFT marketplace with technology that superpowers NFTs across the blockchain, including critical applications for Gaming and DeFi.

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World-class Tech & Launch Solutions

We enable creators to create and launch great digital content through fully decentralized NFTs - and empower customers with self-sovereignty.


Seamless Web3 onboarding

Simple sign-up for users which requires no downloads and offers fiat on and off ramps.


Exclusive crypto collectibles

The largest Web3 marketplace for NFTs, games, other crypto collectibles on NEAR.


Full-service NFT minting support

The latest Few and Far feature enables creators to launch and scale their projects.

Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace


Few and Far’s mult-chain NFT marketplace offers extensive features and multi-chain compatibility to unleash the connectivity potential of modern collectibles.

Omnichain Interoperable Platform

MultiChain Chains

Few and Far enables NFTs to become chain-agnostic. Mint, traverse, and trade digital assets across multiple layer-1 networks.

The Magic Behind Few and Far


NFT marketplaces might look and feel the same. But behind the scenes we have some special tech that superpowers Few and Far. Here's what makes our marketplaces different from apps.