Farm FAR and earn up to

30% APR

Farming rewards will be distributed to NEAR-FAR LP token stakers as a proportion of the amount of liquidity they provide to farming pools on Ref Finance.

Rates shown are estimates and fluctuate according to many different factors. They are subject to change if course-correction is needed to sustain the economy.

Coin Stacks

Few and Far DeFi is launching soon. Stay tuned for upcoming news.

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FAR gets you NEAR. Get it? It’s ironic.

Get places with FAR as an incentive for participating in the Few and Far ecosystem. Down the line, FAR will be the governance token of our future DAO. Prolly nothing.

Stake FARStake FAR tokens and earn trading rewards. WAGMI, degens.
Earn Rewards100% of Few and Far’s trading fees are distributed to FAR stakers. It’s a no-brainer (not like we invented this sh*t!).
Become an LP (i.e. Yield Farm)Provide liquidity into the FAR ecosystem and yield farm NEAR until your heart’s content.